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The Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center is one of the leading scientific, educational and clinical institutions in the Russian Federation that specializes in orthopaedics and neurosurgery.


Ilizarov’s Philosophy

  • fundamental experimental theoretical and scientific clinical approach
  • use of human natural potential for rehabilitation basing on the Ilizarov’s law of tension stress
  • careful treatment of human locomotor system tissues
  • treatment process control

Sequential approach

  • Sequential approach to medical examination and staged treatment considering patient’s age and disease severity. The Ilizarov center can provide rehabilitation from patient’s birth up to his old years, in case the patient’s pathology is multicomponent and complex. In fact, it should be a guaranteed life-long medical assistance if such a patient wishes to be treated at the Ilizarov center.

Technological succession

  • The advantage of the Ilizarov method lies in the fact that it provides management of the most severe pathology or complications (e.g. chronic osteomyelitis or pseudoarthrosis) and enables to solve both anatomical and functional restoration and social adaptation simultaneously.
  • The Ilizarov center uses other alternative up-to-date surgical treatments for orthopaedic and neurological pathology alongside with the Ilizarov method.

Nosological approach

  • Differential approach to the pathology treatment – choosing of the best treatment method for each patient

Human resources

  • Support of veterans
  • Encouragement of leaders
  • Master classes – invitation of leading specialists for giving master classe
  • Investment into training and retraining
  • Strengthening of training faculty potential and its participation in scientific and clinical process
  • Integration of research and clinical work

Fiscal and organizational strategy

  • Transparence
  • Participation and responsibility of the Center’s staff in planning and distribution
  • Concentration of material resources on internal needs and basic profile activities
  • Optimization of resources 

External policy

  • Active participation in the regional program of healthcare modernization
  • Advertising via training and events
  • Genij Ortopedii journal distribution improvemen
  • «Reliability» in agreements and contracts
  • Participation in social projects and public relations


  • Change in patent rights relations
  • Creation of new scientific approaches and strengthening of the created scientific fields
  • Use of the system for efficiency assessment
  • Applying for grants
  • Support of interdisciplinary and nosological approach
  • Participation in the elaboration of the regional system for rendering medical orthopaedic and trauma assistance

 Clinical activities

  • Creation of scientific and clinical units for complex approach to diagnosis and treatment
  • Nosological  approach to treatment
  • Implementation of orthopaedic and neurosurgical high technology types of treatment
  • Growth and quality principl
  • Selection of patients according to the Center’s high technology specialization 

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